Mains Power Analysis

Are you experiencing unexplained issues with your electrical supply?

Are you concerned about how much spare capacity you have in your system for expansion?

With the aid of data loggers, we can undertake a power quality analysis to investigate any problems with the electrical supply to your property and identify faults or failings.

Poor power quality can cause major losses of revenue, with unwarranted tripping and possibly the malfunctioning of complex electronic devices. In an old electrical system, which has been modified over the years, diversity can be

Voltamp can offer a comprehensive Mains Power Analysis to determine if you are using your electricity efficiently and also to look at the quality of your supply. This analysis can identify and highlight phase imbalance, harmonic distortion, overall demand and spare capacity.

Voltamp provide:

  • Potential energy savings within your plant by profiling consumption and determining the best strategies for system improvement.
  • Identify what is causing the power problem quickly, correctly and competently, to determine the best technical and economical solution.
  • Predict when power quality problems will occur in the future and therefore perform predictive maintenance to avoid critical plant failure
  • Fully trained and experienced maintenance engineers

Our success at identifying and resolving such issues is in our professional and analytical approach to power quality.

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