PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing

A portable appliance, in general, is any item of electrical equipment that has a power lead with a plug that is intended to be connected to the mains supply.

The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 places a responsibility on employers to ensure that all appliances used within the work environment are maintained in a safe condition. “…As may be necessary, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, as far is reasonably practicable, such danger.” (Regulation 4:2).

Why do we need portable appliances tested?

  • To comply with the Electricity at Work regulations
  • To minimise the risk of fire and injury caused by electrical appliances
  • To satisfy your Insurance Company. Many insurance companies will insist that portable appliance testing is carried out before renewing a policy. It may also effect your cover if your insurers can prove that you were not complying with the recommended regulations.
  • To comply with all Health & Safety requirement. ISO 9000 & 5750 Quality Assurances also require you to comply.

Voltamp provide

  • The latest technology combined with our industry experience
  • Complete management of your portable appliance testing needs
  • Testing carried out with the minimum amount of disruption to you or your workplace
  • A computerised barcoded information system that registers the details of each test and monitors its service history
  • Microwave emissions testing

All Portable Appliance Testing is performed in accordance with the Institute of Engineering and Technology code of practice for ‘In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

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