Thermographic Survey

Thermal Imaging is the most cost-effective and valuable method of preventative maintenance available.

It is possible to highlight potential faults long before they become serious, enabling you to rectify problems before they cause system failures, preventing a costly breakdown and costly downtime to your business.

Thermal imaging technology allows accurate temperature measurements to be taken, which give an indication of the state of the electrical equipment. These images will show any ‘hot spots’ in the equipment, showing defects not visible to the naked eye. The main advantage of Thermographic Surveying is no systems need to be disabled therefore causing no disruption to the workplace. Our surveying is conducted by experienced electricians who are aware of all the possible dangers and faults in an installation and who will undertake a thorough visual inspection of the installation.

On completion, a full-colour report is provided, showing the thermal images of all the equipment alongside a still image for ease of recognition. An analysis will be made of any causes of concern and recommendations for remedial works will be made to rectify all of these problems.

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