Health & Safety

Voltamp Ltd is thoroughly committed to the implementation and promotion of Health and Safety at Work Act, and all other relevant regulations and legislation.

We recognise that the highest priority must be accorded to ensuring safe methods of work at all times. We also regard the promotion of health and safety matters as a mutual duty and objective of all management and employees.

It is therefore, the company’s declared intention to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, that none of our employees or other person not in our employment, but who may be affected by our undertakings are exposed to risks to his/her health, welfare and safety.

Company management

This ensures continual adherence to company polices and best practise at all times. Training methods and content are continuously reviewed in the light of the constantly changing nature of Health & Safety Legislation and the ongoing reviews of the Wiring Regulations.

We have a thorough Risk Assessment process in place and all our employees are fully committed to maintaining our impressive safety record and to improving our methods of work.

Voltamp holds the following accreditations:
NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme

The above independent organisations conduct regular auditing of the companies working standards and Health & Safety policies and procedures.

Voltamp is fully conversant with Construction Design Management (CDM) regulations.

Concern for health and safety is an integral part of company organisation at all levels, and the Directors ensure that this concern is translated into effective action.

Health & safty comes first in every Voltamp project.